Private Lessons

 Our private lessons are individualized and tailor made for each student. We offer multiple options for days and times, and we can teach our lessons online or in person!  We offer a unique 15min private lesson option which has become one of our most popular options for our youngest students ages 4-6 years old. We believe that quality is what counts and that making a shorter but more impactful lesson can sometimes be more effective!

We also offer the chance for students to try different instruments! If your child doesn't know what instrument to pick for lessons, try a few until the right instrument fits. Take a piano lesson the first week, a drum lesson the second week, vocals the third week, or ukulele the fourth week! Try multiple instruments then decide what to study!

Our teachers are hired by us based on their experience, passion for music, love of teaching, and professional attitudes and personalities. We believe a school is only as good as it's teachers, and that is why we believe our teachers are the very BEST! 

So take a look at what we offer: piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, vocals, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, violin, viola, cello, percussion, upright bass, banjo, mandolin and more! Please contact us today to learn more!  

15 Minute

$20 a Lesson

30 Minute

$37.50 a Lesson

45 Minute

$56.25 a Lesson

60 Minute

$75 a Lesson









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