A custom program, designed by your teacher, especially for you and your personal goals. This is a great way for students of all levels to have a focused session with lessons tailor-made for their own level and experience.



Many studies have proven that the best learning environment can be in a small group setting. Those who have a tough time when practicing alone are encouraged by the group. It is also a lot of fun learning and playing together!

We offer many group classes including guitar, ukulele, 

keyboards, choir and more!​


(minimum 3 students required for class to meet)


We believe that an early introduction to music is one of the best gifts given to a young child! The numerous benefits of music on child 

development has been proven time and time again! We are excited to offer a variety of fun classes for babies and toddlers!  


Anyone who knows the basics on their instrument can start playing in a band or ensemble. Our experienced teachers offer guidance and directing. 


Our Band program is an effective and fun way to learn. In this class, you practice songs with other musicians on a weekly basis, rehearsing them until you can take them to the stage!


Students must be enrolled in either individual lessons or semi-private lessons to partake in band + ensemble.

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