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Introduce kids to the traditions of Chile with the Cactus Rainstick, made to sound like the soothing tones of water and rain. Traditional-style rainstick, made from the Copado cactus and decorated with a woven fabric band (colors and styles will vary). The traditional rainsticks originated in northern Chile where they are used in ceremonies to bring rain.

Made from the skeleton of dead Copado cactus. The thorns are pounded into the hollow shafts of the cactus into a spiral pattern. Pebbles cascading over the thorns create the wonderful sound of rain.
Due to the natural materials used, this instrument is somewhat fragile in nature and will need to be handled with care. The size listed is approximate.


Size: 10" long (approximate)
Colors of yarn will vary.
Made in Chile

Chilean Cactus Rainstick

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